Tremenda Chewy Bulls 6" length

Tremenda Chewy Bulls 6" length

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Tremenda Chewy Bulls

Description: This is a beef esophagus (gullet) that has been stuffed with a ground beef filling, with a stretched beef bladder wrapped around. It looks kind of like a bully stick but it's a lighter

Chew Time: This is a long-lasting chew for small breeds, and a moderately lasting chew for medium dogs.

Recommended for: Medium to large dogs over 30 lbs. Any treat made out of beef gullet tends to be extremely palatable for dogs, so it's a great recommendation for those picky dogs. This chew has a softer texture compared to a bully stick, so it's suitable for senior dogs or dogs who are missing a lot of teeth.

Ingredients: Beef esophagus, beef bladder, ground beef, ground cow cheek, gelatin.