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These websites are a great place to start the journey, they have a wealth of information for all stages of raw feeders.

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Things to know about Raw Feeding

 Raw Dog Food Calculator

Standard Feeding Guidelines

Age 5-10 weeks requires 8%-10% of body weight fed per day

Age 10-16 weeks requires 7.5%-8.5% of body weight fed per day

Adult dog's maintenance needs are typically 2%-3% of body weight
These are just recommendation.  Always watch your dog's physique. 
You should be able to feel the ribs slightly and see a waist from above between the ribs and hips.

How can I switch to freeze-dried food… without making my dog sick?

In this video


Holistic vet, Dr. Gary Richter shares a simple feeding tip that can help lower your dog’s risk of getting sick when you switch to a freeze-dried food.


Information on Feeding Bones 


Check out some of these links for information on the benefits of Raw Meaty Bones 

Information on Feeding Recreational Bones

Benefits of Raw Meaty Bones for Dogs

Benefits of Bones - Raw Dog Food and Company


Warming, Cooling, and Neutral Proteins.

Which Is Right for Your Dog?

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What Are the Benefits of Adding Eggs? 

 Can Dogs Eat Eggs? – American Kennel Club

Benefits of the EGG