Enrichment Toys

What are the benefits of dog enrichment?
These unique toys and games are designed to encourage dogs to tap into their natural drives, like foraging, digging, scenting, and chasing. So, much like a long walk or game of fetch helps dogs burn off extra energy, a good enrichment session gives dogs an outlet for their natural curiosity.

Canine enrichment means giving our dogs the opportunity to be dogs! By offering plenty of time for doing what comes naturally (sniffing, digging, chewing, playing, running, etc.), dogs are happier, feel less stress, and are not bored. And when our dogs are happier, they’re healthier.

Just like you, your dog needs a variety of activities to spice up their life and keep them happy and healthy. Enrichment helps to prevent boredom and can help with dog behavior problems, such as anxiety. And by meeting your dog's enrichment needs, you'll reduce unwanted behaviors like destructive chewing or counter surfing.
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