Covid Update


Update on product supply and processing during Covid

Here at our company we are still short staffed but are working to solve that situation.We are also experiencing some issues with suppliers.

Please bear with us during these times we will always do our best to get you food for your pets!

BEEF - At this time our 2 beef mixes will not be available till December. If anything changes we will update you asap. We will try to have other beef 80.10.10 products available for purchase. As soon as we are sure of availability we'll list the product for pre order.

TURKEY – All turkey products will be fully stocked by the 2nd week of December.

DUCK – Is in short supply and will get our next shipment late December.

Please message us with any question 6154551849 We pray for your healthy and well being during these trying times. ​Thanks for feeding RAW!