How to Order

ORDERING is quick and simple!

We offer Store Pickup

Route Delivery & Shipping

3 DIFFERENT Service options!


Our Delivery Routes

You must provide a phone number that can receive TEXT, you'll be receiving a reminder the day before delivery which you MUST respond to!

 When choosing one of our Delivery Routes, please check out the Delivery Route and Schedule Page located on the top menu of the home page. This will give you all necessary information regarding Stops, Dates, and Times as well as Policies. 


There is a delivery fee for route pick-ups each order, for any size order. This is for Gas, Vehicle maintenance, Driver & all aspects of packing and completing your order.

No show at delivery without contact is a forfeit of your order/payment and delivery fee unless a different resolution is agreed upon with management.


Any requested refund incurs up to a 10% fee.





In STORE Pickup

Browse through the various categories of meal ingredients and premade products. Make sure to check the sale category for one-of-a-kind bargains.


Click on the product to find descriptions, sizes available and nutrient information for each item. Make your selections & Click "Add to Cart"


When you are done shopping, click "Check Out" Make sure to review your selections for accuracy of item and size.


There is a note section if any additional information is needed to be sent with your order.

Then choose your delivery or pick up options. In-Store, Route or Shipping.


Orders can be placed and picked up at our location by appointment only.

Choose In-store pick up and the computer will schedule an appointment date and time. If you need to pick up at a different date & time, then chosen by the computer PLEASE note your order with that information. We will contact you with any issues.

Our hours for pick up are T-F 9-4 & Sat 9-2



Shipping Policy 2022
If you don’t understand or have any concerns or questions 
PLEASE call us 6154551849 BEFORE placing an order. 


When shipping our perishable products via UPS Ground Service unfortunately, we are unable to refund or take back any order that has been shipped for any reason. Shipping is at clients' own risk.

Follow these steps – Start shopping, DO NOT select items that can't be shipped, they are clearly marked.

We cannot ship all items that we sell, some are too heavy & some are odd shapes!

PLEASE Only Purchase Items that can be shipped.

Non-Shippable items are noted as such and will not be shipped.

Each cooler will hold 45lbs of frozen food, please shop with that in mind.

FYI - Each 45 lbs. = 1 cooler ($20) + UPS shipping charge.


If you decide to cancel an order for any reason, there is up to a 10% restocking fee.



After you have made your selections, start the checkout.

Fill out your information completely


Choose Shipping


You can add a note & select Shipping on this screen (green X).

Make sure to check agree with terms to proceed...

Next fill in shipping information

Packages leave our building every other Tuesday

Orders are packed in the order received. Please see the estimated transit time for your delivery when you reach the shipping step of your order checkout.

(Note: These are estimates that are given to us by UPS).


Your check out page should look like this with cooler in cart and correct shipping charge chosen (items marked in blue)

Don't choose anything but UPS!!!





Product Arrival Expectation


All raw pet food products are expected to arrive partially to fully thawed. All products are shipped in an insulated cooler, frozen solid. Product will slowly thaw, while remaining cool. All raw pet food products should be placed back into the freezer upon arrival and fed as desired.

When shipping our perishable products via UPS unfortunately, we are unable to refund or take back any order that has been shipped for any reason.

RPFDM does not offer any refunds or exchanges. If you have any questions or concerns, please text or call 6154551849 and we are happy to help.

Holiday Weeks - No Shipments



Thanks For Feeding RAW!