Green JuJu Lua's Golden Paste
Green JuJu Lua's Golden Paste
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Green JuJu Lua's Golden Paste

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Lua's Golden Paste

A fermented whole food source of powerful anti-inflammatory plant compounds – the most effective way for the body to utilize turmeric.

Named in honor of Billy’s late, beloved pug, Lua's Golden Paste features organic turmeric and coconut oil, wild fermented as a whole food source of anti-inflammatory plant compounds. This is THE most effective way for the body to utilize turmeric.


  • Senior pups that need a boost
  • Inflammation support through potent antioxidants
  • Immune and total body support
  • Pet parents interested in a fresh food diet
  • Dogs who want to be optimally healthy


      Why to Choose Green Juju

      We keep it simple. Our ingredient list is short for a reason. We know a lot of dogs are suffering with food sensitivities and less is more when it comes to ingredients. No need to overcomplicate what mother nature has already perfected.

      Always fresh. Our ingredients are farm fresh. We believe in the life force our food has to offer and choose ingredients that can be harvested, minimally processed and frozen to lock in the living enzymes and nutrients. That’s why you won’t see anything dried or powdered in our blends.

      Grass fed and organic proteins. We only use human grade, novel proteins in our blends. Our Just Greens blend has 100% grass fed/finished bison bone broth and Bailey’s Blend has organic turkey bone broth. Why do we choose bison and organic turkey? Because we know they’re raised right, less likely to cause allergic reactions, and simply healthier.

      This is all we do. Green Juju was founded as a company with one product – an organic green vegetables and bone broth blend. We don’t try and do it all. That’s why we are the best at what we do.

      Time tested. Green Juju was created out of necessity when our founder couldn’t find anything similar on the market to help her dog after a cancer diagnosis. The results were incredible. Over the last five years, the company has grown nationwide from customer demand due to the improved health and vitality our customers have provided their dogs feeding them Green Juju.

      Intentional packaging. Our customers care deeply about their dogs. And we know our customers well enough to know that the environment we raise our pets in is important to them, too. We use paper containers for our vegetable blends so customer can feel good about not adding to the landfill. Even better? The paper container protects the integrity of the product, while plastic containers leach important vitamins and minerals.

      Low glycemic. Our blends use only low glycemic vegetables. Both blends have less than 3% net carbs. This makes it a good addition for keto diets, fighting cancer, yeast or balancing blood sugar.

      LUA'S GOLDEN PASTE = Frozen Product

      Ingredients: Organic turmeric, water, organic coconut oil.

      See Nutritional Analysis