Beef LIVER PET CANDY **Dehydrated Treat**

Beef LIVER PET CANDY **Dehydrated Treat**

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  • is whole
  • Beef Liver (Treat)
  • 100% Organ
  • No Bone
  • Non GMO and antibiotic free
  • No added fillers, binders or coloring
  • USA Raised and Processed
  • Human grade livers are used
  • Beef Neutral
  • Class - Meat, Treat

Our dogs go NUTS for these crunchy healthy treats. Easy to snap for smaller pieces they are a good way to get liver in your dogs diet!

Homemade dehydrated treats are each hand selected and processed, made in small batches in our facility. Ingredients are of the highest quality available. Dehydrated and flashed for a great tasting crunchy treat.

No preservatives or chemicals have been used to make or preserve these dehydrated products.

Package weight of 6oz & 16oz