Beef Ground Meat Only Raw

Beef Ground Meat Only Raw

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Beef Trim & Fat Ground - Raw

 Throughout this time, we’ve seen some real health benefits of this type of diet. Below are just a few of the benefits gained from changing a dog’s diet to a raw beef diet.

1. Healthy Coat Condition

The first visible and physical change you’ll notice is in your dog’s coat. When a dog is on a low protein diet, like a cereal-based or dry food diet, they will not have the right amount of protein to grow a shiny, healthy coat. A raw beef diet is high in protein and essential fatty acids, which together will promote a luxurious coat and healthy skin.

2. Increased Muscle Tone

All dogs are carnivores which means they need to eat protein. Dogs will lose fat they developed from a carbohydrate based diet to uncover their muscular and defined body when they switch to a raw beef diet. Protein is the base needed for healthy muscles, organs, skin, hair, and joints. There is no alternative.

3. Improved Dental Hygiene

Feeding your dog a raw beef diet will improve their dental hygiene and reduce bad breath. The process of chewing raw meat is much more beneficial than an all kibble diet. Plus, dogs have no amylase in their saliva, which breaks down sugars in the mouth. This means the sugars in the dry food products breed bacteria growth which will result in poor dental hygiene and could cause plaque, tartar, gingivitis and periodontal disease.

4. Better Behavior

When your dog is only fed dry food and lacks a protein-based diet, their behavior may be affected. First of all, an all dry food diet is high in carbohydrates, which spikes blood sugar levels, which has been linked to bad behavior. Dry food also contains chemicals. Lastly, it has low vitamin B content which soothes the mind.

5. Less Waste

Dry dog food contains a large amount of salt. Some brands have four times a dog’s recommended dosage of salt per meal. Salt is used to add flavor to the otherwise unappetizing dry dog food. Because of the high amount of salt in their diets, dogs that are fed only dry dog food often drink a lot of water, causing them to urinate more frequently, which could lead to kidney issues.

Onto number twos. Raw beef is easier to digest than cooked or dry food. Over time, a raw beef-based diet can lead to improved digestion, meaning fewer piles of poo in the yard. Also, stools from a raw beef dog food don’t smell near as bad as stools from an all dry food diet. Bonus!


When it comes down to it, it is your choice what you choose to feed your dog. Just be aware that your dog’s diet has a direct relation to his health and behavior. Because of that, it’s best to choose a diet that provides for his nutritional needs in a healthy and wholesome way. A great way to ensure your dog is getting the nutrients and health benefits he deserves is to feed him a raw beef-based diet.

We grind fresh Angus beef, package and freeze it immediately.

Our beef product is 92-93% pure ground beef (no organs or bones), the rest is fat, and it does have a sprinkling of charcoal. (One coffee can to 5000 lb. of meat) It's mandatory for us to include a tiny amount of charcoal (specks that you may see throughout the beef) as it is not for human consumption. We have received positive responses from veterinarians regarding the inclusion of charcoal. They prescribe charcoal pills to dogs that have digestive system issues.

Pet Approved - Species Appropriate Diet - Real Ingredients

Never Any- Grains, Feedlot Product, Fillers, Synthetics, HPP Processing, Preservatives, 3D or 4D (Dying, Diseased or Down) + (Dead)

Raw Pet Food Thawing & Storage Tips

What is the best way to thaw the product? Treat as you do your

Always place chubs in a plastic container that is large enough to catch all liquid, you'll need to mix that back in and feed it for your pet to benefit from all the nutrients.

It is best to thaw the product in the refrigerator overnight. You can thaw in the sink for a few hours but if you plan on going somewhere it would be best to put it in the refrigerator. Try to defrost more than one day of food at a time, always have a backup in the frig thawing, stay a few days ahead of yourself. Raw feeding isn’t about what you’re feeding today, it is about what you’re feeding tomorrow or the day after that. NEVER microwave the food to thaw.

How long will the product last in the refrigerator after being thawed?

Once thawed the meat will be good for up to 5 days. Please remember that a dog's system is designed to handle more than we can. Their digestive system is short and can process food at a much higher rate than we can. However, if the meat takes on an ammonia smell, then it has gone too far. Remember if feeding a blend with tripe and/or organs they can have an odd odor but are not bad.

How long will the product stay in the freezer?

If the product is kept frozen it can last from 8-12 months depending on how cold your freezer is. Try to stay within the 12-month timeline. Once you get past that point it could get freezer burnt in some cases. Being freezer burnt doesn’t ruin the food, but quality may suffer.  How we know its freezer burnt is simply how it looks. The meat will take on an iced look and have a very odd frozen like smell.  If product is less, then a year old and package has become broken or split you can still feed this food. 

Food Safety

Keep raw meat and poultry separate from other foods. Wash working surfaces, utensils (including cutting boards, preparation and feeding bowls), hands, and any other items that touch or contact raw meat or poultry with hot soapy water.

Thanks for feeding RAW!