Feeding Safety & Handling

How do you handle and prep your own raw meat?
Do the same with your pets food.

Thaw in the refrigerator if at all possible for 24 hours,
then feed within 3 or 4 days.
ALWAYS thaw in a plastic container that is big enough to catch all the liquid that will escape. You'll want to mix that back in, it contains many nutrients.      The juices will affect the weight of what you have to feed...

Food is digested most effectively at room temp, so let meals sit out before
feeding if at all possible or add a small amount of hot water.
If you have forgotten to take food out and need to thaw quickly -
Place food in baggie and float in water,
never microwave it kills all the good stuff!

Why are you thinking that there is MORE bacteria in your dogs raw food and it will make him sick ?
There is no more then in your food maybe even less in some cases.
Dogs stomachs have a higher PH level then humans and they can handle the bacteria in raw meat, this is how they are designed!
We recommend that you research and learn about all aspects of raw feeding, it's really not that complicated.
And so worth the time for your pets health.