Rabbit with Fur, Whole Prey Rabbit

Rabbit with Fur, Whole Prey Rabbit

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  • 2.5-3 lb. average 
  • Is whole
  • Whole Prey Rabbit (Meat, Organ & Bone, hair/fur)
  • Intestinal Tract is removed
  • 75% Meat
  • 10% Organ
  • 15% Bone
  • Non-GMO and antibiotic free
  • No added fillers, binders or coloring
  • USA Raised and Processed
  • Rabbit - Cold
  • Class - Meat & Organ & Bone & Whole Prey

Our Prey rabbits are gutted but include edible organs, fur, whole head and bone.       

Also offered is skinned whole rabbit = no fur - Find this product in listing, Rabbit, Whole Skinless w/organs.

Rabbit is great lean and more novel protein. As whole prey, this item is 100% balanced and completely. It can be used in a recipe or as a complete all in one meal.

It should be noted that rabbit should never be the only protein fed. Because it is so lean it can lead to protein starvation if it's the sole protein consumed.