FOUR LEAF ROVER Turkey Tail - Organic Mushroom Extract

FOUR LEAF ROVER Turkey Tail - Organic Mushroom Extract

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Turkey Tail - Organic Mushroom Extract

Our 100% whole, organic Turkey Tail mushrooms are third party tested to be high in beta-glucans.

  • Enhances the immune response.
  • Supports a balanced immune system.
  • Guaranteed minimum 50% beta-glucan.

Beta-Glucans for Immune Health

The fruiting body of the Turkey Tail mushroom contains very special beta-glucans called Polysaccharide-K (PSK) and Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP). These potent immune-enhancing substances make Turkey Tail a game-changer for any dog with immune stresses.

  • Tested for potency: Every batch of our mushrooms is extensively tested to contain a minimum 50% beta-glucans for a super-premium mushroom supplement your dog will love.
  • Double extracted: Our whole, organic mushrooms are double extracted to make the beneficial beta-glucans highly bioavailable for your dog.
  • Grown naturally: While most "mushroom" products are myceliated grain grown in plastic bags, our certified organic mushrooms are grown in greenhouses on wood and natural substrates and free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides - just like nature intended.

Premium Ingredients

Organic turkey tail mushroom extract

Turkey tail mushroom offers significant health benefits for dogs, particularly due to its immune-enhancing properties. The fruiting body of the turkey tail mushroom is an excellent source of beta-glucans, polysaccharides that support immune health. Beta-glucans from the mushroom fruiting body are more bioavailable and potent compared to those extracted from mycelium grown on grain. They're also less than 5% starch, whereas mycelium on grain is very high in carbohydrate and starch content.

Turkey mushrooms that are grown on natural wood substrates are able to develop a full spectrum of phytochemicals, including beta-glucans, triterpenoids, and other beneficial compounds. This method enhances the nutritional and medicinal value of the mushrooms compared to those grown on grains.

Organic cultivation of turkey tail mushrooms is crucial for ensuring the highest quality and safety of the mushrooms. Organic standards prohibit the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, reducing the risk of harmful chemical residues. Furthermore, organic cultivation supports environmental health, maintaining biodiversity and soil quality, which in turn contributes to the health benefits and quality of the mushrooms. Choosing turkey tail mushroom supplements derived from the fruiting body, grown on natural substrates, and cultivated organically is the best approach to maximize benefits and ensure safety.

Our Turkey Tail mushroom is 3rd party tested to contain a minimum of 50% beta-glucan, which makes it one of the best choices for dogs needing natural immune support.

Organic turkey tail mushroom extract (Turkey Tail)

Feeding Directions

Given orally daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

Net Contents: 1oz (28.5g)

Body Weight

1-30 lbs
31-60 lbs
61-100 lbs
101 + lbs

Amount Per Day

1/16 tsp daily
1/8 tsp daily
1/4 tsp daily
1/2 tsp daily

Daily Cost