Beef PECK Blend = Puppy, Elderly, Cat & Kitten Formula

Beef PECK Blend = Puppy, Elderly, Cat & Kitten Formula

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PECK Blend = Puppy, Elderly, Cat & Kitten Formula 70/17/13

  • This special Blend is made up as follows -
  • each 500 lb. batch contains 130 lb. Meat Trimmings, 45 lb. Fat, 100 lb. Heart, 75 lb. Lung, 65 lb. bone, 55 lb. Liver, 15 lb. each Spleen & Kidney.
  • May contain heart, lung, utter, tongue and other parts from the cow
  • Non-GMO and antibiotic free
  • No added fillers, binders or coloring
  • USA Raised and Processed
  • Beef - Neutral
  • Class- Meat & Organ & Bone

This mix is higher in organ, fat and bone for the growing pets and elderly that require more nutritional value at their stage of life.

Some pet due to health issues also thrive on higher organ content. More information on feeding organs can be found in the article at the website below....

You can't go wrong with this basic Beef recipes. It's a great protein for our carnivore companions especially those that need a red meat in their diet. With this readymade mix there is little math or prep involved in providing your companion with a species appropriate raw diet and you have the opportunity to feed whole bone for oral health that isn't ground into the mix.

Pet Approved - Species Appropriate Diet - Real Ingredients

Never Any- Grains, Feedlot Product, Fillers, Synthetics, HPP Processing, Preservatives, 3D or 4D (Dying, Diseased or Down) + (Dead)

Raw Pet Food Thawing & Storage Tips

What is the best way to thaw the product? Treat as you do your

Always place chubs in a plastic container that is large enough to catch all liquid, you'll need to mix that back in and feed it for your pet to benefit from all the nutrients.

It is best to thaw the product in the refrigerator overnight. You can thaw in the sink for a few hours but if you plan on going somewhere it would be best to put it in the refrigerator. Try to defrost more than one day of food at a time, always have a backup in the frig thawing, stay a few days ahead of yourself. Raw feeding isn’t about what you’re feeding today, it is about what you’re feeding tomorrow or the day after that. NEVER microwave the food to thaw.

How long will the product last in the refrigerator after being thawed?

Once thawed the meat will be good for up to 5 days. Please remember that a dog's system is designed to handle more than we can. Their digestive system is short and can process food at a much higher rate than we can. However, if the meat takes on an ammonia smell, then it has gone too far. Remember if feeding a blend with tripe and/or organs they can have an odd odor but are not bad.

How long will the product stay in the freezer?

If the product is kept frozen it can last from 8-12 months depending on how cold your freezer is. Try to stay within the 12-month timeline. Once you get past that point it could get freezer burnt in some cases. Being freezer burnt doesn’t ruin the food, but quality may suffer.  How we know its freezer burnt is simply how it looks. The meat will take on an iced look and have a very odd frozen like smell.  If product is less, then a year old and package has become broken or split you can still feed this food. 

Food Safety

Keep raw meat and poultry separate from other foods. Wash working surfaces, utensils (including cutting boards, preparation and feeding bowls), hands, and any other items that touch or contact raw meat or poultry with hot soapy water.

Thanks for feeding RAW!

5 lb. & 1 lb. chub/vac bag

8 Oz Pucks or Patties Also Available 

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