Turkey Legs, Whole

Turkey Legs, Whole

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  • is whole
  • Turkey RMB (meat and bone)
  • 83% meat
  • 17% bone
  • Non GMO and antibiotic free
  • No added fillers, binders or coloring
  • USA Raised and Processed
  • Human grade
  • Turkey- Neutral/Warm
  • Class - Meat & Bone

Turkey legs are a great RMB to keep those teeth clean and add meat to the diet. In addition they are a great source of taurine and the tryptophan content may help to support healthy levels of serotonin in the body, which promotes alertness and positive mood.

WARNING Feed at your own risk -Assess the product size compared to dog/throat size before feeding. Please supervise your pets when eating whole products, may cause a choking hazard.