Duck Whole - 4.25-5.75 lb average per bird

Duck Whole - 4.25-5.75 lb average per bird

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  • Is whole
  • Duck

Raw 28 % Bone 72 % Meat

0.87 % Calcium*

Whole Duck w/giblets (without organs and feathers)

  • Non GMO and antibiotic free
  • No added fillers, binders or coloring
  • USA Raised and Processed
  • Human grade
  • Approximately 4.25-5.75 lb average per bird
  • Duck - Cold
  • Class - Meat & Bone

Duck For dogs that are allergic to beef and chicken, duck is a more novel protein to help alleviate any gastrointestinal upsets or skin irritations. Another of the attributes of duck is that its meat is rich in iron and offers dogs a lean protein source that is easy to digest.

Duck also contains antioxidants that help boost the immune system like zinc and selenium, which also aids the maintenance of a dog’s normal thyroid function. The omega-3 fatty acids in duck meat help your dog maintain a healthy coat.

Because duck is considered a “Yin” food In Chinese medicine, which means it is good for cooling and calming, many holistic veterinarians recommend feeding it to any pets that suffer from inflammatory conditions like allergies, cancer and arthritis.