How to Order Online

Ordering through Raw Pet Food Delivery & Market is quick and simple! Just visit our Shop.

1. Browse through the various categories of food ingredients and pre made products. Make sure to check the sale category for one of a kind bargains.

2. Click on the product to find descriptions, sizes available and nutrient information for each item

3. Make your selections @ Click "Add to Cart"

4. When you are done shopping, click "Check Out" Make sure to review your selections for accuracy of item and size.

5. Then choose your delivery or pick up options.

6. There is a $25 delivery fee for any size order. This is for Gas, Vehicle maintenance, Driver & all aspects of packing and moving your order to you.

7. No show at delivery without contact is a forfeit of your order/payment and delivery fee unless a different resolution is agreed upon with management. Any requested refund incur a 10% fee.

8. You must be preapproved to use the COD option on a route delivery.      Text 6154551849 with your request.